Asus ROG Ally update

Asus ROG Ally Update

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Here’s my first update on my experience with the Asus ROG Ally, portable PC gaming console. -TDD



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  1. As someone with a G14, I wanted to like the Ally; the lack of trackpads, the TDP limits capability, the singular focus of the steam deck, and my own preference for Linux over Windows really made the decision for me clear. That said, I hope the Ally makes Valve push limits for their next iteration and if so I will greatly appreciate the Ally's contribution to competition in the market.

  2. Im loving my ally so far. Battery life is rough and it was a buggy mess at first but its good now. The speakers are honestly amazing for a handheld. Screen is nice too. Plays street fighter 6 and res evil 4 remake very well. Res evil 4 looks amazing. Pretty frustrating first couple days but its a hell of a machine. Steam deck is nice too. Both good machines.

  3. i love high refreshrate too but on these handhelds with 1 to 2 battery life i just dont think its worth it its nice to have the option but its nowhere near of a massive priority for me as it is for you on this type of device i do like it on my desktop pc monitor though 165hz is 100% a must for me there im looking forward to potentially upgrading to iphone 15 pro max/ultra and the promotion 120hz would be nice to have over my iphone 11 pro max but on a handheld i just dont care to be quite honest with you if its there neat could be nice in some cases but most often i intentionally cap the fps and hz on my deck to 40 anyways to get better battery and almost even more importantly to get more quiet fans because loud fans is one of the most annoying things in laptop gaming or handhelc pc gaming

  4. i think the Steam deck is still good, i think the common thing to over look is ASUS does NOT have a good history of long term support. Valve really nailed it when it comes to third party support, as for the alley? Where is it ? i think peeling back the hype of the Allys hardware, we need to look hard at the back log support.

  5. You can't tell the difference between a 60 and 120 refresh rates on that small of a screen, your eyes eyes are not capable of at 720 or 1080p. Seems like a bit fanboy action going on here.

  6. The updates were crazy with the Ally, including the issue of time syncing not allowing certain critical updates. Once the updates are done the device is amazing. Watching YouTube, Netflix on it is great. Running Launchbox Bigbox runs with no issue. I can even load games straight from DVD with an external drive. This is basically a laptop with a controller instead of a keyboard. The power capability is impressive. I can do pretty much everything I set out to do with this machine. Only thing lacking is storage, but there's ways around that. Overall Asus knocked it out of the park.

  7. This video is the embodiment of what all of the regular ally reviews vs the reality seems to me, and I am saying this as a praise to you!

    In all of the reviews they talked almost only about the ally being faster and have a better screen, and said little about the average user's experience.

    So why is this video so unique? Because you are talking about the pros and cons, while for the first 9 minutes the steam deck is up and running while the ally is still waiting for the updates.

    For me it seems that the steam deck is perfect for people who are one of the following:
    1. On a budget
    2. Already have a gaming pc and just wanting a handheld device to use while wanting a more chilled time
    3. People prefering the ease of use
    4. People with short periods of free time, that 6 minutes of tinkering in each session on the ally will nullify their short playing session.

    For me, 2+4 made me buy the steam deck. I have a gaming pc with 3080 and 34inch ultrawide to play on if I want the best experience and I have a free time for it. But I played so little for the past 2 years because I do not have long sessions of free time. However, since I got the steam deck 2 weeks ago I already finished the game I played for the last 2 years and also played miles norales and street foghter 6.

    However, for anyone wanting to enter the pc gaming or just want the best handheld experience in terms of performance and visuals, and has the free time for it, I will 100% recommend the ally.

  8. I played 14 hours straight on the Ally, went to bed at 3am. No issues. Diablo 4, COD, Doom eternal, Horizon, and 2 easy to run games. No issues. Its a MACHINE!!!! I finally can be a HAPPY COUCH potatoe!!!!!

  9. Hey! Yo be honest you are one of the best reviewers out there, keep going sincere honest and direct, I just love your videos, you no are a fan boy of any brand you are a respectful and knowledgeable person I apreciate your time and your awesome reviews!! I can’t wait for the pixel fold review keep it up!! And congratulations

  10. The only thing putting me off the steam deck is he fan noise. I understand that the Ally is pretty silent, especially in lower wattage profiles.

    The only thing putting me off the Ally is that I don't play on my switch enough! But maybe I would play on he Ally… or that's maybe my desire trying to convince me to buy it :D

  11. High refreshrates will only be possible for indies or emulation, things like D4 barely get 60 on decent settings at 1080p, with 50mins of battery life on turbo mode. I got my Ally on release date and updated to 319, I know it's a botched update but I still expected way better performance on the Ally…Already did the VRM settings, virtual machine and core isolation settings too. I hope it will be better in the future. Still prefer my SD over the Ally atm. Streaming from my desktop for now.

  12. I sold my steam deck to buy this. I spent my whole time with the deck, which I loved, trying to turn it into more of a PC. I love customizing and tinkering with stuff while being able to play more DRM protected games

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