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Did NEW Firmware Update FIX Dangerous DJI RC FREEZING ISSUES for

Did NEW Firmware Update FIX Dangerous DJI RC FREEZING ISSUES for DJI Mini 3 Pro?

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Did NEW DJI Mini 3 Pro Firmware Update v01.00.0201 fix the serious and dangerous DJI RC Freeze issue I saw with v01.00.0200 released 2 days ago? This DJI Release is a major update of DJI Fly App 1.6.8, new firmware v.01.00.0201 for DJI Mini 3 Pro as well as DJI RC, introducing some really nice…



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  1. My issue with the RC controller freezing is possibly resolved by updating my spare batteries firmware. I have 5 batteries but the .201 FW updated the aircraft, the Fly app, and the battery. I think things went haywire when I swapped the battery which I was unaware it also needed an update. Out in the field i didn't have a wifi connection so I wasn't getting a notification that this was needed. Each battery update started at 75% complete when installing the .201 FW. I've had 6 more flights with the updated batteries and don't see and lag of freeze issues.

  2. mine is running 201 and I had a screen frozen, just running simple video and photos. I notice that, when I took a bunch of photos and switched to video, I lost the screen. It looks like the RC gets overwhelmed and quits.

  3. Am I the only one who is tired of updates? In fact, I'm sick of updates. Think DJI will ever figure out their products are worth the wait? How about fixing some of these bugs before they release. I love all my DJI products, yet with steering towards 3rd party fly apps for better performance is ridiculous. Even with the Mini 2 I have had to switch to either Maven or Litchi to get better manipulation of my flights. The problems in the Mini3 is way outside the box. Lately it seems like no matter what you are flying, interference as well as loss of connection is happening everywhere. Thanks for another video!

  4. Hi Henrik. I just updated My mini 3 pro and I still get the problems you talked about in your latest video… My controller freezes and then it says that the app isn't working, and this happens when I record normal video with me controlling it myself!

  5. hi drone folks. I got an error on my dji mini 2. Server error. Wait a moment and try again (-4). i can find nothing on the net. I only have an iPhone. some suggestions. fantastic channel

  6. I had a bad experience today .201 updated. Flying 900 meters away and the screen freeze for minutes. I pressed RTH button on RC Controller, but didn't know if the mini 3 was returning…after a minute or so, the screen was updated and I saw the mini 3 was closer to me, but still far…after some seconds the RC showed a massage to close app or wait…I press close, but no response…more seconds and the app reinitialize and the image was updated. I flight back home with sticks. Pressed RTH again. When was landing I tried to cancel it, but no response in touch RC. I assume the sticks and landed. I'm very disappointed with DJI. I flight drones in last 25 years and didn't have DJI till now, with Mini3. Bad experience and don't know when I will fly 900 meters away again with this machine. Well…while we didn't have a new and tested updated firmware or app I think it's not recommended…the signal was always strong (full every time).

  7. The new firmware ending 201 did not fix the dangerous issue of RC controller lock up. If anything it is worse. I had similar experiences to yours on firmware ending .200 but did not lose control of the aircraft at that time, and fortunately it was right in front of me and could be flown by eye. Today after updating to .201 I went for a test flight and had problems including screen lock up, partial loss of aircraft control (yaw worked minimally and only in one direction, aircraft could not be landed manually), and shutdown of the RC controller. Oddly, while the controller screen was locked, my images of the screen show that screen recording times continued to update at least periodically. The RC Controller failure issues seemed to start with use of active tracking–I think. As was the case with the other software, controller lock up was preceded by several instances of stuttering screen display.

    What now?

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