Frimware update

Dji Mini 3 Pro firmware update v01 00 0201 we still have issues

Dji Mini 3 Pro firmware update v01 00 0201 we still have issues no maps afc not brilliant and video

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  1. Thanks for this, I am also having autofocus issues. Sometimes it is way out as it was for you at the start but most of the time it is just not quite in focus when using 4K.

  2. I’ve had the glitching. Still able to control the craft though. As a noobie I had no idea that you need to update firmware on the batteries. That may only apply to new batteries but might be worth checking them if they were not in the aircraft when you updated to 1.6.8. Just guessing but that may contribute to issues. Consensus seems to be don’t reset the RC to factory settings if you’re having issues. That seems to break it all.

  3. Hi Stuart, format the sd inside the RC controller using the setting menu within the RC. That fixes the freezing for me. Only I have to do it every time I’ve used my Mavic 3 with the RC then switched back again to the Mini 3. I’ve told 3 people from DJI. Hope they do something with this info.

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