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DJI Mini 3 Pro | Range Issue – Is This A Fix? (Firmware

DJI Mini 3 Pro | Range Issue – Is This A Fix? (Firmware V01.00.0201)

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“Steve Coutts”

In this video I test out the new Mini 3 firmware to see if it improves the RC Remote range issue. I test the Mini 3 Pro with both the RC Remote and RC-N1 controllers and I also compare it to the Mini 2 using the RC-N1 controller.

Just a quick point regarding the flight path I chose for testing….



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  1. The problem is it’s an underlying hardware issue with the controller. The controller now disabled the Bluetooth and WiFi to try to improve the range. The only way to truly cure it is to improve the internal aerials in the controller.

  2. I still can conceive why dji advertise the mini 3 pro is able to fly 14 km distance . It doesn’t make any sense to me and unnecessary misleads customers.

  3. Thanks for the update Steve! Got my mini 3 on Monday and had a chance for only one quick flight. Back in Ottawa now for a house-listing frenzy…but hope to get the drone into the air at some point!

  4. Your area seems to be problematic. Both mini 2 and 3 have bad ranges.
    After the update I can now fly in a much larger distance. 2km without any problems. CE version.

  5. After updating to 201 (CE, not FCC): Mini 3 Pro + RC @ an altitude of 100 m reached 4000 m over open water with only 2 bars transmission drop. Didn't stress it more, maybe I could have gotten a little bit further. Cheers from Johan in Sweden.

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