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DJI Mini 3 Pro Updates || ALL You Need To Know!!

DJI Mini 3 Pro Updates || ALL You Need To Know!!

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“Windswept Robert”

Don’t have time to sit through a 20 min video telling you what all the firmware updates mean? This video is for you! Here I tell you …



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  1. LOL. I think there is value to a video where we are told the many great things in a new firmware but you make a good point here. Thanks for giving me a smile. Keep it up my friend.

  2. was there ever an example of dji deliberately making their end of life products worse by a firmware update, like apple used to deliberately slow their old phones down to push people towards wanting a new one? the only thing i have from them is a pocket so i can't tell, but i imagine they would do it as i don't trust the company for some reason.

  3. To paraphrase an old advert for Shell petrol. That's Robert That Was!

    Nice hat Robert. When I was an apprentice telephone engineer, the foreman of the overhead gang I was assigned to used to wear one of those.

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