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DJI RC Finally Available To Buy Stand-alone! And Mavic 3

DJI RC Finally Available To Buy Stand-alone! And Mavic 3 Compatibility!

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“DC Rainmaker”

The DJI Mavic 3 is now compatible with the DJI RC, here’s your complete hands-on details on how it works, and how it compares …



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  1. They really should make this controller work with all their drones, it’s why I went with the mini 3 over the air 2s. I think it’s brilliant and standing by a shady tree the view plenty bright enough. I only need to get my head out of flying rc planes so long that I keep watching the drone rather than the rc screen by habit.

  2. I've oddly havent had any range issues on the Mini 3 with the DJI RC (RM330), tested it at a known fail point where I lose signal it gets as far as the Mavic 3 with RC-N1. Its largely in line with the Mavic and Mini 2 also. I've always been mindful of antenna direction though and I think thats where the DJI RC RM330 is catching people out, the external antennas were more forgiving.

  3. hi i am a small new business making parts for drones,i make the following.sunhoods for mini 3 ,tripod mounts for mini 3rc and rcn1 bike handlebar mounts for mini 3 rc and rcn1,lanyard mounts..all at very reasonable price i can forward u some free samples for and if u could let me know what u think please.

  4. Also I have no audio recording on RC (RM330) tried multiple USB microphones wired and wireless. Have you tried it? Because DJI has told me there is no audio recording. One YouTuber got it to record with a $700 Sure mic with onboard DAC. I have been using my phone and RC-N1 to do all screen recordings with audio.

    FYI Your chart needs an edit. You have C1/C2 buttons: "Yes" for RC-N1. Actually? Nuh-Uh.

  5. they are missing out on a ton of sales not making it compatible with the mini 2, air 2/air2s. do not understand the logic in that. if the rcn1 remote works with all the current drones so should the dji rc

  6. Cool review and comparison only note that "DJI RC supports DJI O3+ transmission that brings a max transmission range of 15km" as mentioned on DJI website.

  7. I have a mavic 3 with the std controller and am frustrated with the transmission. Sometimes even at 100-300m if there are trees in the way, it loses connection at canopy level flights. Max range 1km in an open field. My mavic 2 was better despite the claimed tech spec upgrades. I'm wondering if its down to the controller since thats the archilles heel in the basic packagem Could you help test this theory? (Obstacle part i understand you wont test range due to laws)

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