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FINALLY Xbox Series X | S Get Next Gen UPGRADE | Xbox & AMD

FINALLY Xbox Series X | S Get Next Gen UPGRADE | Xbox & AMD Reveal New Technology | Xbox News

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“Zalker 87”

The Xbox Series X | S consoles are finally getting next gen upgrades that could upgrade the consoles. Microsoft and AMD are working together to bring out FSR 2.0, which gives games a huge boost.

FSR 2.0 is usually a PC exclusive feature, but it’s coming for the first time ever on the Xbox…



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  1. Xbox & AMD announce some pretty amazing next gen upgrades for the Xbox Series X | S. When will we see these features in the games we play today?

  2. Omg this is so huge right? Oh wait when are we going to get a game to play with these upgrades? I hope this allows us to play playstation games because the xbox hasn't had sqaut for games since the 360 besides halo.

  3. Current generation consoles**
    These have been here over a year now and well into the generation. These consoles are not "next gen" we wont have next gen consoles now for a good 6-7 years

  4. I think next gen consoles are a waste of time especially the xbox series consoled with their nasty DRM practices, not being able to play your games offline with digital and physical purchases smh.

    We're in 2022 and consoles are still playing games at 1080p@60 mid 4k range at 60 fps is laughable at best.

    Consoles should be playing photo realistic games with crazy details and every game should be native 4k@120 fps no exceptions.

    1080p@60 and mod range upscaled 4k@60 is so last gen smh. What's the point of advertising a console at 4k@120fps when most of the games didn't do it and when they do resolution drops significantly?

    These ps5 and series x are the lady consoles I'll ever buy. I have more fun with Nintendo consoles. At least with Nintendo you know what you are getting.

  5. I want to see advances in areas other than graphics. We are close to where devs won’t get by from just making the same games only higher res and frames.

    I’d like to see ai improve and world systems like the NPCs remembering things you’ve done.

  6. There are not a lot of 1080p games on Xbox Series X. When they are 1080p they are usually running in 120fps mode. When games are shipping at 1080p it is mainly on the devs.

  7. The PS5 can't do FSR 2.0 because it doesn't have RDNA2 Natively.. Also someone should Email Microsoft about coming up with a better Blu-ray app for the Series X with better settings and features. The Blu-ray playback sucks.

  8. I reckon we might get a few titles current a couple from past 6-8 months get a touch up with FSR 2.0 and maybe even games like redfall & starfield, i wonder if they was delayed to implement this a help improve performance n visual quality. I also reckon they will find a way to implement within the emulator so that all back compat games can benefit from it. so we then have fps boost, auto HDR & FSR2.0 for many if not all older titles ( its possible as is being done on the steam deck to some effect)

  9. Stop making f**** excuses for the companies I'm tired of waiting. Still waiting for the next gen still waiting for a great NASCAR game not a piece of s*** still waiting for for Forza. Motorsports 10 years later. Microsoft quit spinning ridiculous money on s*** and f**** get your games that you promised on the market now.

  10. FINALLay ? I haven’t even got a nextgen console yet.i think it’s sad people look into graphics so much, this the PS4 an Xbox era graphics debate went out the window. I’m a guy who grew up with a ps1 ps2 ffs

  11. This is good news for AMD GPU users, more games will come with FSR because consoles will require developers to make them so. AMD is really pulling a fast one on Nvidia.

  12. This thing is a pile of trash!!!! xbox sucks and SONY RULES!!!
    BUY SONY!!! Sony is way better controller and games development. they HAVE ALWAYS DONE BETTER at making fun playable controllable games. This new xbox is A JOKE!!!

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