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LG OLED Update 03.33.11 is FASTER + NEW Menu, but with ISSUES?

LG OLED Update 03.33.11 is FASTER + NEW Menu, but with ISSUES?


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Covering the software update 03.33.11 for the 2021 LG C1 and G1 OLED TVs.

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  1. Their is an annoying bug where Nvidia Gsync stops working after I put my PC to sleep or turn it on for the first time. And I have to restart my PC just to get GSync to work again. It’s a very common issue for people using this TV as a monitor. Where can we submit this issues so they have a chance to get fixed?

  2. Not sure if this has anything to do with the update but my amazon prime started crashing while streaming. I uninstalled and reinstalled prime, reset router, but I noticed that it would work for awhile then randomly crash… quite annoying

  3. Thanks mate. I can also report i have downloaded this latest firmware in OZ on my 65 C1 with zero issues too. Maybe i just missed it before but i never noticed there was a OLED care theatre mode before. Is this fairly new?

  4. After the 03.33.11 update on my LG C1 I got my network speed go from an average of 95MBps to an average of 70MBps (as tested form the LG native Netflix app connected over WiFi on a 100MBps VDSL line).

    My network setup has not changed at all and all other home devices have no changes in net speed.

    Any idea what that could be?

  5. There is a little issue with youube after the update. Every time I turn the TV on and launch youtube, the tv says that the account is unsupported and I need to log with a new one. Then I choose account that I normally use and everything works fine untill it tries to log me out again.

  6. All owners of LGs 2021 basic A model can get this upgrade too. Just downloaded it, it works a treat and if my eyes don't need testing, I'd say there's some improvement to picture quality as well, perhaps just a little brighter, but worth it none the less. Give it a go, you won't be disapointed.

  7. Thank you so VERY much for this video as the technical information and insight that you provide from your thorough testing, evaluation, and analysis is highly beneficial!!! Much appreciated, and keep up the GREAT work!

  8. Paul you might want to go check this page called "Plasma TV for Gaming" this guy made a big discovery!!! This guy has figured out how to introduce black frame insertion on LG OLED TVs while simultaneously Introducing real HDR to SDR games not usingauto HDR. He's also reading the luminance levels on the screen to confirm its resl HDR it shows you can introduce real HDR from a TV software level as well as use black frame insertion at the same time. There's a hack he figured out how to do you really might want to go check it out and make a video about it and give him his credit. The fact that it's on one of the most popular TVs out right now the LG C1 is kind of a big deal, I replicated his settings on my Xbox Series X and LG C1 and it did work.

  9. Holy shit… I reported that awfully laggy menu sometime ago and to be honest I didn't have much expectations. But THEY REALLY FIXED IT! Woohoo. It's MUCH snappier and smoother now.
    As for the Atmos issue, I have Onkyo TX-NR686 and everything is fine. Atmos is there via Netflix app on the TV and also showing for movies on Plex on Nvidia Shield.
    Thank you LG, you restored my faith in the company. Cheers TG!

  10. Too little to late. I already sold my C1. They need to completely overhaul that ad-filled home screen with a less clunky "smart" remote.

  11. Was hoping the update would fix the constant prompt I'm seeing on my C1 – "do you want to switch to the screen of the connected device?" anyone had any luck getting this to disappear forever? Only have the freesat box attached to this set. Great videos btw :)

  12. Using a C1 and a Denon 4500H (5.2.4) over eARC I can say, that I had no issues with 5.1 or Atmos sound using Streaming Services like Netflix or live TV.

    If you have any issues I would disconnect the Sound receiver from power and reconnect it a few moments later ….

  13. Nice, just got my LG B1 for super cheap and it already came with this update of home screen. My dad also has B1 but he had like a 2 second lag opening home screen, and couldn’t understand why mine was opening super fast while being the same TV.

  14. Airplay on this update doesn’t work like the last update it doesn’t show everything you are doing on your phone like scrolling through Facebook. It only shows photos app. Any fix ?

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