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My Take on SP-404 MK2 Update 2.0 // Step Sequencer (!!!) + More

My Take on SP-404 MK2 Update 2.0 // Step Sequencer (!!!) + More

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“Liam Killen”

My Take on SP 404-MK2 Update 2.0 // Step Sequencer (!!!) + More

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0:00 Hello // SP-404 MK2 Intro
0:25 Video Breakdown
1:05 Chromatic Mode
3:37 Step Sequencer!
13:31 Improved…



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  1. Thanks for the video.

    Not sure this convoluted workflow belongs in the year of our Lord 2022 to be honest.. Love the idea of a battery powered fun sampler with all these fx’s. Yet not convinced.

    Personally it’ll be very interested to hear from enthusiastic users making OTHER styles of music than so-called beat oriented tracks. Also those of you who find/found it to be more frustrating than fun..

  2. cool video, thanks! … question … when using full tracks or long loops.. is there a way to select a "autoloop" in realtime during playing the track (to stay in a 4 or 8 bar loop like dj controllers have) i noticed the roll funtion button , seems it is 1/2 1/4 for short repeats…

  3. is it possible to re-adjust/change the swing strength (or the bar length) of a pattern on the fly in the trs-sequencer mode??? It seems I need to pre-set these and then hope I get what I want from it..

  4. Great update and presentation of everything Liam! Thanks! Can’t wait till they’re in stock again and I can get my hands on one.

    Do they plan on adding an Internal Sidechain, so we can Key everything off the Kick?

    PS: Sounded like you said “Mach 2” hehehe

  5. Is there a fix to separate FX based on the input? Like I dont want vocoder effects from my mic input to be also on the line in inputs at the top of the unit where my synth is plugged in. Stops me from singing and playing at the same time.

  6. I’d love to hear more of the (if I’m not mistaken) up-to 32 note polyphony, which was also added in 2.0 EDIT: The manual says 32 voice total polyphony for all samples and maximum re-pitching of an octave up or down. So, in theory one could play up to 24 notes of one sample polyphonically, but those notes would all be a semitone apart. Who doesn’t love modern classical music techniques that also inspired Radiohead string arrangements, right?!

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