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NEW DJI Fly App Update 1.6.8 – REVIEW & Flight Safety Test |

NEW DJI Fly App Update 1.6.8 – REVIEW & Flight Safety Test | DJI Mini 2, Mini SE, Mavic Air 2

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DJI Fly app 1.6.8 has been launched by DJI Supporting the new DJI Mini 3 PRO the app controls the DJI Mavic 3 as well as the …



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  1. Thanks for another great video. The problem I'm having is a random one. The button to change from video to photos randomly seems to work. I can fly one flight and it works perfect, the next flight it will not switch at all and I have to go on the screen and touch the phone to switch from video to photos. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Hi. Have no idea whether it was caused by the last update but sometimes the quick shots work sometimes not. When I highlight the object nothing happens and the quickshot video is not working. Have anyone expercienced this kind of problem? Thank you.

  3. This new update is amazing it double range ,, amazing my last flight with this update reach up to 2 km in a very density area.. where old firm tackled 1 km barley..
    With new one couldn't complete a range test,, i returned back from 2 km

  4. dji has been using LiPo batteries all along but unsuspecting buyers didnt notice dji cut corners while maximising profit by replacing the battery with unstable LiOn while focusing on adding a swanky remote controller

  5. great vid as usual but I'm wondering why you didn't perform a range check with the updated versions? I have been holding off to update the mini 2 firmware just because of lack of range with it. cheers!

  6. Dumb Question Alert?
    I have the Mini 3 Pro with RC Controller…I have done all firmware updates…. When people mention the App updates, do I need to do anything additional with the RC Controller or is that done automatically with the firmware updates?

  7. I recently had the issue with the quickshots. I have not updated for over 12 months. All I did was clear all the cache from the app and restarted. Back to normal. I am sure DJI are messing about so we invest in the mini 3. Not me. I will stick with my mini 2 for now.

  8. I don't like the new artificial horizon. you can barely see in broad daylight how level the drone is and to me that's very useful cause I know how strong the wind is upthere based on the drone's inclination on the indicator. I also found it to be less accurate than the previous version since I could pretty confidently fly the drone at night before, based on the shown homepoint and drone positions but today I had the drone just above my head and it showed the home point slightly father in the map. I wouldn't fly confidently at night under that situation. mostly because the mini2 doesn't have navigation lights that serve as an aid to know its position or orientation from afar. cheers from the dominican republic.

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