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RetroRGB Weekly Roundup #311 – June 29th 2022

RetroRGB Weekly Roundup #311 – June 29th 2022

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  1. I love light guns too. Looking forward to more light gun content.
    Funny how you casually mention 36" and 32" crt's as if many of us have those.
    But I do want, I've seen pricing going well into the 1800 euros

  2. I have a "how to" video on my channel on MiSTer guncon2 setup. It is a step by step guide for the snes core. I found that it works superior to the original super scope when setup properly. It is a little complicated but not too bad. In that video there is also general advice on lightgun/crt setup.

    Concerning your jvc d series. I have a 36 inch jvc d series I could try but first I would recommend turning up your brightness and or contrast on your crt.

    D series all have different tubes in them. Some are Hitachi or Thompson or Panasonic. My d series has a Thompson tube in it but you would have to check yours to see if yours is a Thompson as well.

  3. I got a NEW 3DS with the capture card installed. I'm wondering if that new mod's software will be compatible with the older video capture mods.

  4. Will test with my 32" d series tonight with xstation PS1 and Time crisis 2 on PS2. So guncon and guncon2, also could test nes zapper with duck hunt if you want.

  5. Been using a Japanese light gun on my Model 2 US Saturn with no issues for a few years. Never seen anything like your issue on the D-Series sadly.

  6. On 100 hz crt tv's light guns only shoot in the middle. I have the same issue on my only tv that has scart. Some other people have done videos on it. I would avoid 100 hz crt's if you have a choice.

  7. I have 2 Japanese Saturn guns, they work with US, Japanese, and Satiator games on my US and Japanese consoles. I guess just make sure the lens and pins are clean on the gun

  8. Maaan I heard RF tuner and got so excited. Was dhitter shatters when the words "for sony pvms" followed.
    With that said, the old vcr thing definitely works. Some can even make for good composite splitters too (mine only supports mono for 2 additional sources, but has stereo for vhs tapes and dvds. What a tease!). Some can even play vhs tapes and dvds!

  9. The fact the Mega EverDrive Pro can play MD+ files through the newest updates is a game changer. While I love MSU-MD Krikzz was singlehandedly converting the games to the format and combined with MSU-MD being a newer format there are more MD+ games online. I've also heard good things about the updates done on the NES core.

  10. hi, I love your videos, Mister is great and if lightguns work OK I migth sell my OH, I bougth a cheap guncon 2 repro and still testing, nes core don´t support it (use to but not rigth now…don´t know why…), others like sms, snes, genesis do work…but not perfect, still testing…

  11. Prior to 4.15, you could not play MD+ at all on a Mega Everdrive Pro. MD+ used to only work on Misters and the Mega SD.

    4.15 added MD+ support, but there were some issues with a few games like Moonwalker. 4.16beta2 fixed these issues so I'd recommend using that firmware.

  12. Nice to see the optimize 3ds kits getting some more attention, while they've been out for years they seemed to only have people actually selling installs at good prices in the UK. Hopefully more people in the US will start offering installs/preinstalled systems that aren't super expensive like the $1000+ ones on places like ebay.
    Edit: noticed you mentioned in the video about the confusion about them existing for a while. Optimize boards are actually the same ones that katsu used to install a while back, so I'm fairly certain this kit isn't all that new. I have seen optimize boards installed in n3ds xl models going back at least a few years, and I'm pretty sure there was an Etika video about the n3ds xl capture board in like… 2016? It is also possible that the kit has been redesigned though too. Its also possible people are confusing this kit with the new kit from loopy too, since he recently started working on a capture board for this 3ds model.

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