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RØDECaster Pro II: Developer Update #2 (Firmware 1.0.5 & Beta

RØDECaster Pro II: Developer Update #2 (Firmware 1.0.5 & Beta Program)

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In this video, Senior Product Manager Tristan and Product Specialist Julian discuss firmware version 1.0.5, which introduces two exciting new features, as well as the new beta testing program for the RØDECaster Pro II.

Sign up for the RØDECaster Pro II beta testing program here:…



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  1. I found an issue with the beta firmware. Vocal FX from the pad are not being sent through when using a custom routing on your Chat audio device, no audio comes through when the FX is enabled. I have tried all variations of routing with no avail. It seems like the only way people can hear the vocal FX is if I use the normal Mix Minus mode, but then unfortunately my PC audio also go through the channel.

  2. Rode seriously needs to look at how the GoXLR does audio routing and emulate their routing table.

    Your convuluted mess is only confusing even the people who are great with tech.
    Noobs are likely returning their RCP2.

  3. Okay, I absolutely LOVE how transparent Rode is being with the updates on development of the RCP2 platform. As agile as they have been in the initial weeks to address bugs and get new features into the wild I think this platform will be absolutely amazing!!! Keep it up Rode!!

  4. Amazing update! One of the features that I would love to see in RCP2 interface is on the smart pads where moving them in different positions or different pages, that would be really great! As currently if I need to change some pads & move them close to each other, I can't. I'd have to either save the show settings & recall it, or clear the pads & then reinstall to it again to reposition. It would be amazing to access this feature in both Rode central app & within the RCP2 user interface.

  5. I have my RCP2 Hooked up to my windows machine. When I put my main audio source in OBS as RCP2 Main. It shows up as a mono channel, and no audio will come through it. Help

  6. Still waiting for a support request as to why I can’t control Spotify on a slider for my radio show like I could with the version 1. I love rode products but this is a unfinished product being beta tested by customers

  7. The ability to add other pc inputs to the mixer. This way we can use our USB mics or headphones. also… MORE VIRTUAL CHANNELS :) !!

  8. If I turn off a signal with the routing table is it always done via mix-minus (versus just disabling the route)? For instance if USB-2 goes to my speakers and is picked up in the microphone whether it can be minused out of the USB1 Main output.

  9. as a person in software development,,, this is the best post implementation support of a product i have ever seen. im excited that the rode engineers and devs are still at it. a wonderful purchase!

  10. As a musician -singer keyboardist and Cable TV Producer I just joined your Beta Testing Program. On another note I just completed posting a recording which you may want to hear because I used the RCP2 to make the recording. It is on my FB page if you are interested. I look forward to making great use of your RCP2 with all its promising goodies coming down the pike.

  11. Ahhhh, so excited about the routing features! I actually have a very complicated triple-PC setup (effectively using a Camlink 4k to route audio to a 3rd PC) and will allow me to do all mixing on the RCP2 now!

  12. So I was introducing the RCP2 to my production workflow for a YouTube Talk Show. Our main camera is a Sony FX3. Were using a ATEM Extreme ISO for the Video Mix. The ATEM is an amazing piece of hardware at the price it's sold at. BUT, the 1/8" mic inputs are not all that clean (reminds me of your RCP1 headphone outputs) anyway I wanted to use the FX3 audio inputs so that the sound could come in the the HDMI input. I gave up I tried two set's of 1/4" cables one balanced and one not and neither of them would give me any audio on the FX3. I did feed them into the ATEM and that worked but now I'll have to marry all that audio later in post. This should work right? I did have it set to Fixed Line Output.

  13. Hello RODE!

    Since today i own this nice little unit. Until now working great, only saving takes a bit of time – i don't know why. But that brings me to the point:
    Please take care about how words are translated! Here i can only talk for the german speaking market, but the translations and terms you use are a nightmare or to see it positive they are really funny, but not very helpful to be honest.

    SAVE is translated by RODE with SPAREN (which is used in conjunction with money) but the correct word would be SPEICHERN!
    Same thing with the translations within the section of Compressor, DE-Esser, Noise Gate, etc. No german talking engineer or musician would apply those words.
    PROCESSING is BEARBEITUNG (and not VERARBEITUNG), within the De-Esser -> attack should stay attack and should not be translated with "ANGRIFF", EQ Section BELL Filter should be BELL Filter and in the Exciter Section DRIVE can not be translated with LAUFWERK (which is a diskdrive)….and so on….cause i'm not finished with all the sub-menus.

    Would love to see in a future release that this could be tackled, talk to german engineers and/or musicians for the correct words and meanings.
    For the time being i use English (instead of German) and i hope the other languages are more correct than the german ones,

    just my 2 cents – and you can call me anytime for details ;)
    best regards

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