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SP404-MK2 – NEW 2.0 software update is INCREDIBLE!

SP404-MK2 – NEW 2.0 software update is INCREDIBLE!

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Roland have just release software version 2.0 for the SP404-MK2 and it comes with some incredible updates! This new version …



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  1. Jesus melodic christ – now the Step Sequencer is a real boost. I dont need it to tap out drums, but as far as Im concerned, it will speed up my workflow a lot. I always lay down hats in one take -> copy to new -> snares -> copy to new -> kicks – copy to new -> other drums -> then copy «master drum pattern» to new pad row below before samples, melodics etc.

    Now I could bypass a few steps when a idea strikes. Yes m’lord, thanks m’lord!

    Peace spvidz guy!

  2. Does the sx delay let you go to 100% feedback? I was so upset when the mk2 delay only went to 99 because it prohibits doing the dakim style delay trick for super cool beats on the fly

  3. Can you get them to address the issue of setting you BPM? sometimes it can be a real pain. That’s really the only complaint I have. Everything else is lovely.

  4. Thanks for the video! Awesome update from what I’ve seen here. Would love to see an adjustable loop end point in a future update. Atm we can adjust the loop start point per sample, but with a custom loop end point (which is not the sample end point), we could turn a chop into a "voice" depending on what small portion of the sample we loop when we have loop=on gate=on and hold the pad. Hope I’m making sense there. Rock on!

  5. Huge update. Im still new to the SP workflow but this has só many cool QL updates. That's how it's done. Akai should learn from Roland. Also, get this man's drum packs! Absolute fire!

  6. I was using the step sequencer of my digitone to program the spmk2… now with the step sequencer feels like its christmas day again hahaha love it, definitely the most versatile piece of gear i own right now!!!

  7. Wow! What a great update. I also think chromatic mode can now be polyphonic AND recorded to the pattern sequencer, which is another HUGE improvement. Great video.

  8. IMO, the more people who are using the sequencer, the more creative the music will be. I think it will get people out of that generic lo-fi rut and make them realise they can record just about any genre into the machine.

  9. Just let me turn off skipback and get back the old mark button so I can mark start and end without having to fiddle on the start/end screen. It was just fine on the sx.

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