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Step-By-Step Guideline: How To Upgrade To The Latest Firmware

Step-By-Step Guideline: How To Upgrade To The Latest Firmware

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We always encourage users to upgrade their firmware regularly in order to achieve the best user experiences. In this video, we will provide you with the easiest step-by-step guideline on how to update your GL.iNet router to the latest firmware. You can upgrade the firmware by auto-upgrade,…



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  1. My GL-AR750S won't upgrade for some reason. It's currently on 3.100, trying to upgrade to 3.211. Online Upgrade fails verification. Local Upgrade gives an "Error: Incorrect firmware format!" with both the .tar and .img files.

    Ohhh… have to do Local Upgrade up to v. 3.105 before the Online Upgrade allows 3.211.

  2. Hi there, there isn't an 'upgrade' button on my slate that I just purchased. Can you please help? I can see and use the upgrade button on my old mango device but not on this slate model.

  3. After upgrade i lost my router AR-750s. Now by Web is present "500 – Internal Server Error". i can't access by web .. i access only by SSH.

  4. Hello first of all I love the content it’s very helpful second of all what is the most secure options on the slate router so open VPN wire guard cloud fair which one

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