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The DJI Mini 3 Pro Just Got Even Better – Firmware Update

The DJI Mini 3 Pro Just Got Even Better – Firmware Update (Vertical FocusTrack & Other Upgrades)

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“Billy Kyle”

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The Mini 3 Pro gets its first firmware update that adds plenty of great new functionality! The DJI RC is now compatible with the Mavic 3 too!

DJI Mini 3 Pro:…



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  1. For me the rc signal is the same as before. However mine was quite a bit better than what most people had before this update, so I still get that +2 km range

  2. Excellent video, I own a DJI RC Pro and the flyapp update 1.6.8 mentioned the Mini 3 Pro on the notes, but unfortunately the Mini 3 Pro not appear as an option to connect after the update of my RC Pro, do you have any information from DJI about the support of the Mini 3 Pro on the RC Pro ?

  3. Good video Billy! But your way off comparing the DJI RC with the RC pro and saying the DJI RC has more than half of the functionality. The RC pro has over 10 significant benefits for me. Of course the price is 300€. Thats the price difference between the bundle with RC and the drone that ships without controller.

  4. Great video, Billy. I’m looking into getting the mini 3 and appreciate you making this upload. Thanks for the update. Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Billy. I heard that because the RC remote does not have internet service so you can't view the maps. I see the map box is blank. someone demonstrated that you can use your cell phone as a hot spot and connect the controller via WiFi to your phone. I like to use the maps when I'm not sure where the drone is. I use the flight path direct line back home.

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