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Updating Mini 3 Pro with latest DJI Fly App 1.6.8 is Dangerous

Updating Mini 3 Pro with latest DJI Fly App 1.6.8 is Dangerous (Do Not Fly)

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DJI Released a major update of DJI Fly App 1.6.8, new firmware v.01.00.0200 for DJI Mini 3 Pro as well as DJI RC, introducing some really nice features like focus track in quick shots modes and portrait. So of course I had to do a test flight :-)

⚠ RETEST v01.00.0201 ⚠ Did NEW Firmware…



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  1. This could also maybe the controller getting too hot the CPU throttles back and the app you're running may freeze up or act unresponsively etc

    The error message that mentioned your storage could be a clue ie the app was trying to write to memory in the controller but it was slowed down by throttling the data being moved around etc!

  2. Another proof that Android os is crap and unsuitable for this…good that I got the RC N1 and can change phones haha. I'm always having crushes and lags when connected with Pixel 5..on iphone xr no issues at all.

  3. The FCC to CE mode is still not fixed here in Canada after this update unfortunately

    I have here both the Mini 2 and the Mini 3 the Mini two signal is unbelievably superior to the Mini 3 pro I have tested both same flight pattern same height but the distance the Mini 3 pro could push was close to 400 m before rth was activated the mini 2 however surpassed that by three to four times the distance at 2.5 km in the city.

    I have here some pictures to prove my point I wonder if this will be fixed soon or we have to send our back

    I have no maps it's all blank the maps do not work on the RC controller.

    To add to this my transmission tab on the controller is locked and I cannot change transmission to 5 or 2.4 or anything

  4. It happened the very same thing this afternoon, nothing worked, not even RTH/pause button, only the sticks. Fortunately I was just flying so I landed manually, restart the remote (which asked me to re-format ad card) and drone and for the rest of the afternoon was fine. I thought it was for the crazy heat we’re having here in Italy or because I put a small and old as card in the remote

  5. I had a bad experience today .201 updated. Flying 900 meters away and the screen freeze for minutes. I pressed RTH button on RC Controller, but didn't know if the mini 3 was returning…after a minute or so, the screen was updated and I saw the mini 3 was closer to me, but still far…after some seconds the RC showed a massage to close app or wait…I press close, but no response…more seconds and the app reinitialize and the image was updated. I flight back home with sticks. Pressed RTH again. When was landing I tried to cancel it, but no response in touch RC. I assume the sticks and landed. I'm very disappointed with DJI. I flight drones in last 25 years and didn't have DJI till now, with Mini3. Bad experience and don't know when I will fly 900 meters away again with this machine. Well…while we didn't have a new and tested updated firmware or app I think it's not recommended…the signal was always strong (full every time).

  6. why pay all this money do this!.. any kids drone does this…
    what we want is range, .. With no break up… no range. no purchase!…………………………………..

  7. Once again I have to thank you for all the work you put in to get this information out to all of us. It keeps me from being surprised when I am flying. Keep them coming, please.

  8. Thanks for this update!!!

    I have another issue, maybe someone may be able to help me out with this one?

    I can't do download a high resolution video without having glitches or color changes (on my PC and phone), not with quick transfer or by using directly my SD card in the PC and download it to my phone…
    I tried this in 4k, 2,7k, 1080p and also in different fps modes, maybe it was my pc and phone who couldn't handle it. But sadly, no..

    The only way to have those videos working properly is to use my old mini 2 controller (DJI rc-n1) and to use the low resolution videos straight on my DJI app.

  9. Had the fly app on the rc controller crash on me mid flight on Thursday night with firmware prior to the one you were using. The app reset itself and was back in around 10 seconds. Had full control with the sticks at the time. The interesting thing was after landing and power cycling the controller and putting a fresh battery in the drone, the files recorded in a short test flight were date stamped the day before. Wifi and Bluetooth both disabled. The screen recording clearly shows the fly app resetting and the screen going black. Wasn't doing anything I don't normally do and was standing on top of a hill to record the setting sun so the temperature was not an issue. Worrying. Hope the new firmware has fixed it.

  10. I recently purchased DJI mini 3 pro. But there is one problem with this drone. The signal light gets off when the recording is started. And only gets on when the recording is off. This creates a very serious problem in shooting at night. please help regarding this.

  11. I could imagine that the screen captures overloaded and headed up the RC so it have to reduce CPU speed. It looks for me that the screen capture has a higher priority than the app itself. You could try next time to switch off screen capture or just shut down the remote which will force a RTH because of signal lost.

  12. The same thing happened to me on 201. A normal flight the app froze at 1200 feet out. RTH still worked and I was able to land it. Rebooted the controller but not the drone and tried another flight. Seems to work fine until I tried to land and the landing sensors didn't work. Semi hard landing but all is ok. Seems to be fine now after rebooting both for now.

  13. I had issues when I hooked up my Mavic 3 to the RC (RM330) flew out 900 feet, locked up and it did a Failsafe RTH. Flew home like a ghost ship, never git reconnected, even rebooted controller while it happened. Tried again, Also locked up. Used DJI Assistant for Consumer Drones (not for Mavic) downgraded controller and Drone, reupgraded to .0201 and all is well. I had a bad install of the firmware. You can check. If you attach to computer with Assistant and it shows "upgrade" instead of "Refresh", but doesn't work, you have a bad FW Flash. Downgrade to V01.00.0150, then back to V01.00.0201. All is well now.

  14. V01.00.0201 came out within 6 hours of this… it was/ is buggy but DJI Assistant for Consumer Drones Downgrade, reup to .0201 and I have no issues to speak of. The fix was the very first line in the changelog

  15. I experienced a similar issue today while in focus track Henrik. I then landed the drone and rebooted the controller and subsequently had no more issues. Thank you for this demonstration.

  16. Controlled test? What does that mean?- You can’t expect to switch through so many modes in such a short time with an android device and not consider that it may not be able to cope – Less to do with the update and more to do with the extreme testing in a rushed test

  17. I had that freeze of the RC screen on my first flight with the 201 version. I somehow managed to switch of screen recording and focus info ( the red borders) after some time and the RC got back to live. Afterwards it gave me a warning about new firmware, but that was only for the new battery I had used for the first time. So it seems to me, that it’s an RC issue ( cpu overload?), hope it can be fixed

  18. The latest app update broke my phone. I have an older phone, an iphone7 to be exact. I now get an error message telling me the CPU is maxed out. The lag is insane. Even basic flight is unusable. Fortunately Maven still works fine so I'm not grounded. Otherwise I would have to spend big bucks on a new phone. This new software is a resource hog.

  19. Had the exact same issue yesterday. My DJI RC locked up in the middle of a POI orbit.Thank goodness I had VLOS and close to home.
    Same issue again today after upgrading to 01.00.201. Betting this lock up issue is related to the new RC Firmware version 01.01.000 or App version 1.6.8. Next time you are out, try doing a flight 'without' doing a screen recording.

  20. I'm still using the Mini 2. 
    This morning, after updating to the latest iOS app version, was the very first time – ever – that the display on my screen totally froze, even though the drone was still well within VLOS.
    I still had manual control of the drone, even though the display screen was frozen.
    I pressed the RTH button on the controller and the drone successfully came back to me. Even when the drone landed only about 1 meter in front of me, the display on my screen still showed the drone frozen in the air.
    Never experienced an issue like that until using this latest iOS app version (v1.6.8)

  21. I updated and what happened to me was an actual loss of image transmission mid flight. The RC signal connection was still there – I just didn't receive any image. It did RTH but it was very scary

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