Viewer’s Question: My GPU has stopped working, do I need the . flash?

Viewers question: My GPU stopped working, should I flash the bios??

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My GPU has stopped working, do I need to flash the bios??, a common question and in this video I discuss some of my tips and what to …



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  1. I've bought a graphics card from China, and when it came to me it was artifacting. Flashing a BIOS with a lower clock (from TechPowerUp) fixed the issue. So if it's aritifacting and you bought it secondhand, then chances are, someone might have tried overclocking it.

  2. Artifacting is usually a bad sign that the Vram is corrupted which goes beyond the Vbios flash.

    In most cases the fans also dont speed up if memory usage isn’t at 100% usage.

    Using MSI afterburner is the number 1 way people destroy most vbios and the GPU itself. Significant over clocking typically higher than 10% of the factory specification does permanent damage.

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