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What Happened? They Broke It? Samsung S95B Firmware 1302

What Happened? They Broke It? Samsung S95B Firmware 1302 Filmmaker Mode vs Movie Mode

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Firmware 1302 was never pulled from Samsung’s website as it never was officially released on their website. It was only pushed over-the-air to some S95B owners as others tried to update and can’t get it, while some still at the time of this video ended up getting the update. It apparently…



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  1. Did you see the video from a channel called fluff a couple of days ago, the title is something about nerfing the brightness on the S95B, well he has his brightness level software hooked up to test brightness on the S95B in game mode HDR and his testing shows it’s only 1,000 nits but this guy had his contrast enhancer setting off and I was reading comments and one person said he should have contrast on because it would make a difference and the dude commented back and try to say it won’t make much of a difference well I decided to check it out myself I turned my PS5 in game mode reset to out of box settings and turned contrast enhancer off and when I turned it to low the brightness was double bright and got even brighter in high so I felt he was wrong it makes a big difference and then he tests it in Dynamic mode cause he claims that’s the only mode wasn’t affected by 1302 and he leaves contrast on high and then comes up with almost 1,500 nits I believe he used 2% window, and he says there’s YouTube channels saying that there’s no change in brightness, now we definitely know there’s a change in movie mode but Standard is still bright as heck and in game mode he should’ve tested the contrast on high and he probably would’ve gotten that 1,500 nits so I commented on his claim to the other person saying that there won’t be much difference well he’s wrong cause the brightness level doubled at low even so you can test on your PS5 also and see what I mean so I knew his video is bad if people believe him, you don’t need a brightness meter for this one cause the difference is so much just going from contrast enhancer off to low I guarantee you it’s double the brightness

  2. I just purchased this TV and it’s still in the box. I purchased this not for gaming but for sporting events. After watching this and I thank you for the education before I Unbox box this OLED. No I’m saying to myself do I go out and just purchased it C2 or hope they change this problem. I called Samsung up They told me that there was no change to the firmware lol.

  3. The previous update dimmed filmmaker mode for me, now this one dimmed movie mode. For me, movie mode and filmmaker mode are exactly the same. I’m getting really frustrated.

  4. After looking for the update 1302 it finally appeared on my tv but I haven’t yet updated it I’m watching your video first and when I update it I hope it brightens the tv a little instead of go the other way like some others have seen

  5. Hi Iceman, I got the update this morning and I live in Fla. At first I wasn't going to download it but since I really only use filmmaker mode for SDR and HDR I wanted to see for myself if it really had changed that much and I can say without a doubt it did. I really can't see a much of a difference between filmmaker and movie mode now since the new firmware where before the update there was a huge difference in the brightness between the two modes. I honestly don't understand why Samsung would do this when in my opinion users should have a choice between the two modes. Why make two modes that are basically the same? I can understand why there are people out there who are upset with this change and I hope Samsung will change and give people a mode that actually looks different. I still love the TV and like I said it doesn't change my viewing habits with the TV but I can understand the other side of it.

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