This extremely promising brutal dark CITY BUILDER is over

This Extremely Promising Brutal Dark CITY BUILDER is Beyond Incredible | GORD

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  1. You do manage to kill the monster instead of sacrificing the child. Found an extra axe men in the map and gathered a group of 5 axe men and 2 bow men. That killed it!!

  2. I was mildly interested in this game before the demo, but after the demo I am all in this is like Diablo Witcher inspired city-builder and you can feel the danger in the woods around you

  3. Even though I can understand the desire to have consistency by keeping all the health bars red, it seems like there might be a benefit to finding a way to distinguish between friendly and enemy life bars better. I could see easily losing track of how well you're doing during a fight, thinking you're winning, then finding out you're getting stomped only after all your troops are dead.

  4. This game looks completely amazing. Love the tone, and the options you can take. It reminds me of great games I used to play. Cant wait to play it! =)

  5. You couldn't have chosen a better place to set up the Gord, one wall to the lake, door to the swamps getting this "travelers who survive the swamps, make it to a safe haven" kind of vibe, the shape perfect to adapt to the terrain, great chapter as always Raptor!

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